These are questions that we are often asked. With answers beside of them. Just like you would expect to see in a list of frequently asked questions, an FAQ! Enjoy!

  • How do I verify my profile?
    Verification is very simple. We require a photo of your state ID and a photo of you holding said ID. Also, we will require you to allow our platform to verify your location either in the browser or in the app. It will ask you if you allow this site to see your location.

    And please do understand why and spare us all the Big Brother conspiracy lizard person convention soap box speech about this and that. It looks at a very, very vague very general area to get a location. It doesn’t pinpoint your address to the GPS latitude longitude triangulate to your position Roger That? If you say no, well, we can’t verify your location. We don’t care about your goings on at all, and please, give it a rest ok, we don’t want to track you down and stalk you, it’s just not interesting or useful or anything. Don’t be ridiculous.

    If you insist on your total stealth mode methodology, you will not be verified. All photos of ID and persons holding ID are deleted immediately after verification. Again, we don’t have any use for your location or your ID other than to verify that you are a member of our community and as such a welcomed addition to our program.

  • How do I become searchable in the active members directory?
    For you to be a searchable profile within the current active members directory you must have registered a Basic account, become verified, and upgraded your account to Official within the last 45 days.

    There is only one level of official, and it’s Official. It’s a status that is good for 45 days. You will still remain verified should you choose to not maintain your Official status. Your account will say Member instead of Official.

    Basic is free unverified account. Verified is a Basic account that has been verified. Official is a Verified account that has been upgraded within 45 days. Member is an account that has previously had Official status but has not retained the upgrade. You will not not have to reverify but you will have to upgrade to Official to appear in the directory. You will also need to be Official in order to search the directory.

  • How long will I be able to search profiles and be available to be searched after I upgrade to Official?
    Once you have upgraded your account from Verified to Official you will have 45 days access and inclusion in the active member directory.
  • I am not comfortable with the verification process but I want to participate in this program. Can I just buy an upgraded membership and skip the whole verification thing? If I'm spending money, isn't that enough to prove I'm a real person?
    Sure, we’ll sell you whatever membership level you want to buy. You can make your own if you desire. Although, unless you have been verified by our process we cannot include you in the active member directory. But we will hold you in high esteem for creating and purchasing an honorary premium membership from us.



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