Requirements has a very clear mission and we have spent many hours working towards what we feel is the best set of criteria for our platform to best serve or needs. These requirements were decided upon with you in mind to provide the best possible service for our community.

Eligibility for Membership

Location: verify your residence

Member accounts are reserved for users who live within the 865 or adjacent area code. A complete list of acceptable locations in available here.

Profile: Confirm You Are Alive

We require your profile pictures to be unfiltered, recent and accurate. You cannot use avatars or symbols, etc. We will verify your photo after verifying your location.

Activity: We need you to stay active

Users must login at least once every 2 weeks. Messages cannot go unread for more than 3 weeks. Your account will be flagged as inactive and removed from the search results.

We are always open to your suggestions, comments, feedback, interaction is great. But, maybe this is you.

“Those rules don’t seem fair. It’s my account and I should get to decide when I login, when I check my messages, what picture I use, etc.”

Registration for this platform requires you to accept our User Agreement. It is the criteria used for moderating the activity of our program. We recommend having some knowledge of what else will be expected of our users.



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